The SEAT Group, as part of the Volkswagen Group, advocates an open and transparent corporate culture from the firm conviction that business activities of maximum integrity provide the sole basis for achieving sustained economic success.

For this reason, the SEAT Group has always stressed the great importance, not only of compliance with applicable laws, but also of the rigorous observation of a number of voluntary commitments, rules and ethical principles, which we have adopted as an integral component of our corporate culture and which provide a frame of reference for honourable and honest behaviour compliant with laws, to guide our decision-making and daily business.

These commitments, internal rules and ethical principles are anchored in our Code of Conduct of the SEAT Group. This set of behaviour rules are commensurate with our responsibilities and provide our employees, collaborators and business partners with a comprehensive roadmap for facing the legal and ethical challenges of our daily tasks.  The SEAT and the Volkswagen Group have established a system of prevention and communication measures aimed at all members of the SEAT Group getting to know, complying with and getting others to comply with the applicable laws, the Code of Conduct and the remaining conduct commitments. Furthermore, we, the SEAT Group, support and encourage our business partners and suppliers to take the Code of Conduct into account in their corporate policies.