10/11/2016. - Station wagons: the importance of a big trunk

The trunks of SEAT are one of the strongest points of this range
Among the many potential reasons to choose a station wagon, space, comfort and, of course, trunk’s capacity are the most outstanding, as we often need a huge load bay to carry everything. In SEAT we are aware of all those needs and we have taken care of them with a series of vehicles able to meet the needs of every family, so you might as well find out the virtues of our fleet.

Station wagon trunks is an especially important area for many reasons. It is worth noting that, when we choose this kind of vehicle, we are looking for space and comfort above all, so family models must stand out in these aspects. SEAT station wagons’ trunks stand out for adapting to any kind of needs thanks to its modular configuration and their capacity to harbor all kinds of items. This way, models like the SEAT Leon ST or the SEAT Alhambra are ready to offer an excellent capacity that can be adjusted in some of these cars as users can fold the backseats up. This offers additional dynamism and versatility, as there is nothing better than having a vehicle able to adapt to all kinds of circumstances without feeling the effect.

However, station wagons’ trunk volume must always be taken into account. The reason is that the total capacity of this compartment will determine if the vehicle meets the desired specifications. For example, the SEAT Leon ST offers a total capacity of 587 liters; that is why this is an example of those spacious and versatile trunks enclosed in dynamic, very appealing cars from the outside. In the SEAT Alhambra, the capacity varies depending on the backseat configuration, as when the car has 5 seats, the load compartment can hold 955 liters. These models also have back lids that allow to take advantage of the trunk’s total capacity, another aspect that we must consider when it comes to choose the kind of station wagon we are looking for.