The latest version of the versatile and dynamic Alhambra is to be released soon.

The New SEAT Alhambra has been designed as the perfect family space. It provides a combination of comfort, convenience and entertainment, ensuring there is something to keep everyone happy.

The New Alhambra has a dynamic character as conveyed in its design. Its high roofline and interior space is evidence of its versatility and the distinctive front grill, arrow shaped bonnet and clean sharp lines all help create the profile of a practical family car with extra sporting appeal. The LED tail lamps also add a touch of technology and give a distinctive look to the rear of the car.

Inside, the New SEAT Alhambra has had multiple technological upgrades, all with the aim of providing a more family oriented and convenient space. There is an integrated Navigation System and Media System Plus with an IPod dock, SD card slot and Bluetooth. Both are easily operated using a 6.5” touch screen.

High quality design comes hand in hand with a very large interior space. Inside, the Alhambra is highly adaptable allowing all seven seats to be folded flat in 32 potential layouts, offering up to 2430 litres of space. The New Alhambra also has electric sliding doors and rear hatch to allow easy access to the interior.

What makes the New Alhambra even more outstanding in its class is unmatched comfort and convenience. The Clima control driver Massage Seat provides a high-level of relaxation and health benefits for the driver. And there is also a KESSY Keyless Access System that allows you to open the New Alhambra’s doors and start the engine without even taking the key out of your pocket.

Safety is also a top priority; the New Alhambra is packed with additional features to ensure all journeys are safer and smoother. Lane assist technology helps prevent involuntarily drifting out of lane and lane changes are facilitated with Side Assist technology. There is also Blind Spot Detection, which alerts you in the wing mirror if a car is approaching in your blind spot.

Safety is further enhanced by the Tiredness Detection System, which aims to keep you alert and recommends when to take a break. And in the unlikely event of an accident, the Multicollision Braking System will help reduce the impact of any follow on collisions.

Versatility in the New Alhambra can also be found under the bonnet. The engine is more powerful, meaning the car can handle heavier loads without a struggle. Even with this extra power, you can still take comfort in the fact that the engine is extremely efficient and fulfils the requirement of the EU6 emission norm. What’s more, the New Alhambra has the option of 4Drive, giving this family car even more pulling power.