10/11/2016. - SEAT León ST: compact family car
In the present automotive market, we usually find family cars conceived from the design of private cars and sedans. However, now we can also find models inspired in compact cars. That is the case of the SEAT Leon ST, based on the popular SEAT Leon, keeping its sporty characteristics untouched.

This is the starting point of the concept of compact family car and, as a result, of the SEAT Leon ST, a vehicle with a trunk capacity of 587 liters, an average fuel consumption fixed on 3.6/100 km, an emission level of just 94 g/km and 5 Euro Ncap stars.

These are, in general, some of its most outstanding features. However, the SEAT Leon ST is a family car that offers many additional benefits in all areas:

- Versatility as a distinguishing mark. 
This compact family car seamlessly combines the versatility typical of family cars with the appealing sporty design of the Leon. This combination of factors turn it into a very interesting model for young families with several members.

- Huge storage capacity.
The trunk itself has a 587-liter capacity. But, considering that rear seats can be folded, this figure makes a quantitative leap up to 1,470 liters. Without a doubt, more than enough to transport anything you may need.

- Cutting-edge technology.
This compact family car is equipped with an adaptive chassis control, a rear view camera to assist with parking and Full LED front headlamps, as well as many other technical characteristics focused on protecting users and making the trips more comfortable.

- Eco-friendly
Ecological awareness is present in all SEAT’s cars, but it is especially outstanding in this model. Such is the case that its carbon footprint is very low as, needless to say, a family car must be eco-friendly.

In short, the SEAT Leon ST joins the best of a family car with the most remarkable of a compact car as popular as the SEAT Leon. It stands out both for its design ad power and for its versatility, storage capacity and passengers’ comfort level. It all respecting the environment and taking care of even the smallest safety details.