SEAT Car Service

At SEAT, we believe in service. We know that it’s as much about maintaining your car as it is about maintaining our relationship with you. That’s why we always guarantee the quality of our services, and aim for perfection in everything we do. Providing genuine SEAT parts and accessories with great attention to detail.

Network Service

Our network service provides all the help you need to stay on the road, providing everything from inspection and car maintenance to cambelt and tyre replacement, brake fluid changes and air conditioning services. We can even provide you with a courtesy car if you should need one.

End of life

At SEAT we ensure that our cars make the minimum impact on the environment and your wallet. From the moment you buy them until the day they are dismantled, every moment of its lifecycle is carefully accounted for.
To make our cars as economical and eco-friendly as possible, we are constantly striving to reduce weight, improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
We comply with existing recycling requirements and take great care to select environmentally friendly materials and parts that are easy to recycle.

Genuine Accessories

SEAT Genuine Accessories
offers a full range of options so you can customise your SEAT to suit your style. From sporty extras to enhance its sportiness to stylish features to provide a personalised touch, SEAT offers Accessories designed specifically for your SEAT and fully tested to our high quality standards.
Download our catalogues, which include the entire range of accessories available for each SEAT model.
SEAT has an extensive network of authorised dealers, any of which will be more than happy to assist you with your Accessories needs.

Online service

With our online booking service you can book your SEAT in for maintenance at any participating dealer. You can do it all online in six easy steps - quickly and easily.